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parent training

Parent participation is an important element in the success of your child. In order for our treatment to achieve optimal clinical outcomes, a partnership with you and your family is crucial.

At Training Wheels we place our learners’ families as a priority (parents and siblings); we aim to cater our goals and programs to help meet the needs and fit the lifestyles of your family. In doing this, it is our objective to assist you, the caretakers, in establishing effective communication, challenging behavior management, and meaningful social interactions with your child.

Our proprietary parent training modules, rooted in the works of The RUBI Autism Network and the verbal behavior approach walk parents through the basic fundamentals of ABA. Through easy to read visual presentations, Training Wheels gives our parents the necessary tools to maintain the effectiveness of therapy in our center, back into your home.

We will work with your busy schedule to practice clinical techniques, observations, and result recording. While our staff has the privilege of working with your child for several hours each day, we want to best equip you as parents to carry over techniques taught in our center, back to your home and in the community.