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Our Model

Our model serves the development of children between the ages of eighteen months and ten years old. We recognize that no two children are the same and we provide individualized instruction based on each child’s needs. Training Wheels ABA is center-based, utilizing one on one instruction to facilitate learning. Our learners progress is recorded and analyzed with an innovative software that allows parents to easily view their child’s progress.

We open our doors to outside professionals, caregivers, and the families of every learner. Partnering with these individuals improves clinical outcomes and helps each child achieve lifelong success. We connect our community and families to better support the unique needs of each child.

Our model is primarily based on B.F. Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior. Verbal Behavior prioritizes spoken language, which includes all forms of communication such as sign language, written language, gestures, or any form of communication a language may take.